VIAGGIARE :: Cordovado, Italy

Gelato :: Birthday breakfast of champions.
Walking around town!
Everything is so simple and pretty in Cordovado.
we woke up to some new chicks!
and found a giant salami!
This is Bejoux, French for jewel, he’s a pretty special little fur ball.
And last but now least the area where Nona and Poppa met.
So an entire summer ago I was lucky enough to spend five weeks in Italy with my sister and nona. I happened to see some really lovely places and people, and I’m going to start sharing them with you throughout this month. We started out at my aunt Franca’s in Cordovado, Italy; which is about an hour and a half away from Venezia. Franca’s house is adorable and she has a huge yard with her very own orchard. The last time I visited I was only seven years old so I was especially excited. All of these pictures were taken with my iPhone 4s because i didn’t bring my Canon along. Cordovado happens to be the town that my grandma grew up in until she was 17 so it was really special to have her show us around. The people in the photos other than Niki and I are my Nona and her family. Claudio is the handsome man in the helmet with the salami. Claudio is easily one of the brightest happiest souls that I have ever met. It breaks my heart that we don’t get to see him every single day. When he was a toddler he got polio and the fever did something to his brain so even though he is fifty years old he really has the personality of a five year old. There is no one more special and thoughtful than him. You’ll also meet my cousins Nicolas and Alex and fall absolutely in love with the classic Italian looks. They are as handsome as they come even at four and five years old. Maybe we can share stories about our travels. Have a great day lovelies.
ps :: Viaggiare means travel in Italian so that will be the heading to all of my travel posts!

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