SB IN SB :: Santa Barbara, Ca

Spring break in Santa Barbara, does it get any better?

Honey sticks at the farmer’s market with Lucas.
The boys at sunset.
Caves selfies, everybody’s doing it.
Rooftop dwellers.
My friends think they’re funny making me pretend to take a shot of whiskey.
Kisses for Crit.
He lost shell reception.
Family portrait.
If only everyday could be like today.
We don’t wanna go home!
After our nine hour car ride from the land of all things dry we ended up in the always beautiful Santa Barbara, California. Spring break wasn’t too out of hand this year but it was still certainly one for the books. Every time I visit this magical city full of so many of my closest friends I question why I don’t pack up and move. It’s tough not to give in to such a captivating city but I suppose school is a little more important than beautiful oceanside sunsets and shopping opportunities to die for. 

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