Bodega Bay cliffside.

Dad’s candid stretch looks like he’s showing off his muscles.

We took Mowgli to the beach for the first time! He was too scared to get into the water but he really loved running on the beach. He’s such a good boy he stayed right by my side the whole day. I always say Bodega Bay is the happiest place on earth right next to Disneyland. You all have to go and visit sometime. Next time I go I’ll make you all a tourist guide of all the best places to go. My family and I go down about every other month. Once up on the cliff we spotted a couple of whales which was pretty exciting. Mowgli really is the definition of a sweetheart. I didn’t realize that there was a piece of my heart that needed to be filled until I found him. I don’t know anybody who can meet him and not melt, even my aunt who is not fond of animals loves him. How he survived in that animal shelter for a month before I found him I don’t know. And to come out of there with nothing but gentleness for everyone is rather unbelievable. I wish all of you could meet him he’s really that special.

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