Let’s start today out with the fact that I don’t believe in diets. Nor do I believe in starving yourself or taking supplements or really even working out. Why? Because I’m lazy and I was blessed with a metabolism that let’s me be the skinny girl that everyone hates. However, those days are coming to a close and I can feel all of my muscle slowly molding into fat. That’s me up there on our high school senior trip in the Bahamas, I guess it takes being a senior in college to start working out again. I swear I’m not even sucking in because back then I never had a reason to, my muscles did it for me. So, all night long I’ve been looking for Pinspiration for the gym. It’s just SO hard for me to become motivated to go workout. I would so much rather be sitting in front of my laptop talking to you guys or pinning. {maybe even doing my homework over the gym} Anyways remember that hike we took for Nichole’s birthday? Well that’s what really has kicked me into gear. I almost didn’t make it to the top, it took me roughly a thousand breaks of sitting on rocks. Finally I made it and then the whole next week I was sore in all kinds of places that you probably don’t want me to discuss. So who’s ready for a little bit of motivation to not lose weight but to tone up and be healthy?

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