‘Merica Monday

hello lovelies,
so i know that i’m new to this whole blog thing so bear with me please. i decided that i want to do a post every Monday that is something specific. my bff Collee came up with ‘Merica Monday, which is totally perfect because i certainly love our Land of the Free. so Monday’s will now be dedicated to all the lovely patriotic things i come across!


i know that a lot of people are against guns, but where i come from to say we are pro guns is putting it lightly. guns don’t kill people, people do. the country artist Justin Moore has a song titled Guns and i think he sums it up pretty clearly. i linked his youTube video of it if you want to listen. what is your opinion on guns? 

ps :: most of the pictures that i find for ‘Merica Monday are from pinterest, i am not trying to take credit for any of these photos. 

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