Cross-country road trip with the button and Kase.

Be debt free.

Open Etsy shop.

Carve T+K on a tree.

Build a barn with raw wood and a chandelier inside.


Grow a sustainable garden.

Create matching Gantenbein family shirts for a Disneyland trip.

Bury a time capsule

Host Christmas at our home.

Make a wish in the Trevi Fountain.

Volunteer at an elephant sanctuary in Thailand.

Sleep in a castle.

Learn to make fresh pasta from scratch.

Take button to Italy to visit her family.

Knit a scarf.

Marry Kase in Aunt Franca’s front yard.

See a Las Vegas show.

See Garth Brooks in concert.

Stand on the edge of the Grand Canyon.

Go to Nashville with my sister.

Visit India during the Holi color festival.

Tour Graceland.

Become a decent artist.

Start a dog rescue that helps make Amador County a no-kill county.

Swim with dolphins.

Graduate college.

Teach the button to help others.

See Colloso d’Apennino in Florence.

Watch turtles hatch and run to the ocean.

Share a random conversation with a stranger in a coffee shop.

Make a bucket list with the button.

Jump off a waterfall.

Spend Christmas in a snowed in cabin.

Get lost in a foreign country.

Buy my two horses back from who my grandpa sold them to.

Learn to speak Italian.

Beat Kase in a game of bowling.

Learn how to sew.

Celebrate a holiday in another country.

Climb a lighthouse.

Explore Venezia for a day.

Go fake wedding dress shopping with my girl friends.

Become a veterinarian.

Make a call from a London phone booth.

Teach the button that Kase and I love her more than anything we could ever love.

Foster shelter animals.

Visit Venice during Carnival.

Learn how to be a decent photographer.

After we retire, go to the Waffle Shop with Kase every Sunday for breakfast.

Relax in a natural hot spring.

Float in the blue grotto (Capri).

Put change into someone’s expired meter.

Visit the Basque country with my sister and Basque professor.

Bathe an elephant.

Hear the Pope speak at the Vatican.

Certify Mowgli as a therapy dog and take him to a Children’s Hospital.

Touch a pyramid.

Visit a butterfly sanctuary.

Take a hot air balloon ride with Kase.

Sleep all night under the stars with Kase.

See the Northern Lights.

Visit the fairy pools in Scotland.

Ride the subway.

Document the button’s life with polaroids.

Wander the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia.

Make a guard at the Vatican smile.

Attend a Yankees game.

Teach the button how to play volleyball.

Sleep on a rooftop. 

Visit a black sand beach.

Create beautiful calligraphy.

Grand Central Station.

Visit the National Zoo.

Explore a shipwreck with my sister.

Kiss a sea lion.

Help my sister finish her book.

See a wolf pack in the wild.

Open Hoofbeats.

Finesse my baking skills.