Fall Bucket List

fall bucket list

Oh September. I never understood that song Wake Me Up When September Ends. How can you want to miss the turning of the leaves, the change in the air, the sweater wearing and blanket snuggling? It’s truly my favorite time of year when Autumn starts knocking on summer’s door. Every year I have some sort of list that I give to Kase of things to do that are fall inspired and every year he sighs and says he won’t do it. And then we do it because he knows better 😉 Apple Hill is always on the list. If you live in Northern California I highly recommend making a trip to Placerville! Apple Hill is all sorts of little ranches where you can go apple picking, pumpkin picking, fishing anything you want! They also have every kind of apple goodie you can dream of: apple donuts, apple cider, apple pie, apple honey, etc. They also are the perfect place to go when it’s time to pick out the Christmas tree but we’re not quite there yet. I thought I’d share my fall list with you guys in the form of a checklist so maybe everything will get done and then you can use it too if you’d like! Did I forget anything that is especially “fall” to your heart? If I did tell me about it! I left out pumpkin spice lattes because I’m not really a fan but I’m very excited for those of you who are!lovetee

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