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One // Of course the first spot on the list of my December favorites is coffee. It’s like liquid gold for my brain. I have a Keurig and I love it, but I still have quite the Starbucks fetish. Especially since it’s snowing like crazy around here. 
Two // I don’t know about you ladies but this red peacoat from Victoria’s Secret would be a perfect addition to my winter wardrobe. I want it even more since it’s on sale for $99! They have it in all sorts of colors but red is my favorite.
Three // I haven’t been much in the mood for decorating for the holidays however this pine tree pillow that I found on Pinterest could be used all year round!
Four // Oh for the love of Frye boots. I would kill for a pair of these I have the wallet that matches these boots and now I’m just waiting for somebody to surprise me with them on my doorstep. If only they weren’t almost $400.
Five // I’m really just a sucker for anything that is delicate and simple and this bracelet from JewelMint is exactly that! I’m having a hard time not ordering it right now instead of spending my money on Christmas gifts for everyone else. 
Six // What would the season of Christmas be without creating a ginger bread house? I usually make one with my little cousin Daegon every year. Hopefully when I get home after finals his too cool seven year old self won’t feel too old to make one with me. 
Seven // J. Crew has this simple but comfy color block sweater up on their site and I made sure to put it on my Christmas list. It just looks so comfy and warm!
Eight // This heartbeat ring has been my total obsession for a few weeks now. My only problem is that the rings I wear everyday are silver and obviously I can’t wear this one with all of them. 
Nine // Cuddling with my kitten is even more fun now that it’s chilly. It’s as if he can’t do anything but cuddle and I’m certainly not complaining. 
Ten // Green lights are always a favorite no matter the time of year! Except traffic and road conditions are so much more frustrating when there’s snow and ice on the ground. 
What are some of your favorites for December? 

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