Key Steps to Raising Gentle Animals

Key Steps to Raising Gentle Animals - The steps I follow to ensure positive interactions between my daughter and the animals she encounters - #thegirlcub

If you clicked on this post I’m going to assume you have children and you just brought a new fur ball into your home. (I’m going to hope you did this through adopting from a shelter or rescue!) The first thing you’re going to be a bit surprised by is that the key is raising your children to be gentle animals alongside your dogs. It doesn’t matter if you have the...

New Mom Support – Your Top 4 AUTHENTIC Sources

4 Sources for New Momma Support -- The most authentic sources you can find for new mom support, infant development and material must-haves! I read each one to learn how to help Pres grow to the best of her ability and to ensure I can stay happy and healthy too; both physically and mentally. |

If you are a new mom or about to be, CONGRATULATIONS! Now I know from experience that becoming a new mom can be terrifying. Where do you even start? There is an overwhelming amount of information to get through before your baby arrives and you don’t know where to go or who to trust. When I was pregnant I really did my homework to learn everything I could about newborns... – Preview ALL of Your Fonts

So many times I’m making a graphic for a printable or something for my Cricut machine and I can’t sift through all of my fonts to choose the best one. I actually have my fonts in my Font Book categorized into folders such as “brush fonts” or “modern fonts”. This makes sifting through what I need a little bit easier but I still have to click whichever fonts I choose...

How do you name your baby?

Beautiful and unique baby girl names when you can't find the right name for your new little one. (And how we decided to wait to name our baby girl until we met her and why you should too)

Naming a baby is harder than solving a rubix cube. It may be the hardest decision we’ve ever had to make. While I was pregnant everyone wanted to know what her name would be. It got to the point where anyone who asked I was snappy with. There wasn’t a single name that I just “knew” was the one. Everyone has that one name that is their future baby’s name. For me,...