Hello! My name is Tala, special people call me Tee. These days I spend my time with our little lady, Presley. We live in my speck of a hometown where I am currently working towards becoming a history teacher. If you have a sense of wanderlust or an affinity for both human and fur babies you should feel right at home. TalaTee is a place to share the adventures and projects we get ourselves into here at 613. {We being: my Kase, Presley, and our pups Copenhagen and Bagheera} We are very slowly renovating my childhood home into cozy spot for our button. Things would probably get done a lot faster if I didn’t want everything to be painted white. I also hope to sway some of you to adopt animals at your local shelter and not buy them from breeders. My biggest passion and my greatest hope in life is to make a true difference in the abandoned and abused animal world. TalaTee isn’t only for my adventures though, I want to hear all about yours too! I hope that you stumble on my little piece of the web and you want to stay awhile; we have a lot of catching up to do. There’s a fluffy little foster kitty sleeping on my keyboard right this moment. He told me he can’t wait to meet you.

Love, Tala


If you’d like to see what goes on around here on a daily basis (and an abundance of puppy snapshots if we’re being honest) follow me on Instagram @talatee!


Coffee is the foundation of my food pyramid. My favorite way to procrastinate is burying my nose in the books I’ve known by heart for years. The color grey and I have a love affair that has lasted for close to a decade. I don’t call a place on a map my home, but rather a blue-eyed boy who recaptures my heart every time he looks at me. I embarrass my friends daily by toting a box of Quaker Oat’s oatmeal squares everywhere I go {I’m pretty big on snacking}. I grew up in a little tiny town in northern California where you’ll find more cattle than people. I have very high hopes to travel the world throughout my life; Italy is not only my heritage but one of my greatest infatuations. If you ask me for interior decorating advice, much to my Nonna’s irritation, I will tell you to paint everything white {beds, picture frames, walls, desks, chairs, tables you name it}. I have a problem where I tend to fall in love with people on public transport. Pinterest is brain food for me, I get lost in it for hours. Horses are a huge part of my life, yes I was that kid in elementary school captivated with hoofbeats. I got the horse bug from my grandpa who is and always will be my truest and dearest friend. The people in my life who truly know me listen to my eyes to determine my mood much more often than they listen to the words coming out of my mouth. Everything I know I have learned through bursts of obsessions. And my best advice for when you’re having a bad day is to share a smile with a stranger.

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